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Planes for Border Guard

On the 26th of June 2018 the Financial Bureau of Polish Border Guard HQ chosen the supplier in the program for procurement of 2 multi-engine aircraft for Border Guard Airforce. Planes would be used for sea-territory tasks. Best offer was made by a joint venture of Parasnake Arkadiusz Szewczyk and Austrian Airborne Technologies. Unofficially, MILMAG found out that the M28 airplanes were offered.

Border Guard uses M28 Bryza airplanes for sea patrol tasks. The crafts are made by PZL Mielec and designed for patrol and sea-rescue missions /Photo: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

The winning offer received 99,63 points out of 100 and the best scores in categories such as useful payload, Polish documentation validity and warranty period. Aircrafts, together with necessary equipment, were priced at PLN 109 million (EUR 25 million) which resulted in 59,63 points out of 60. Parasnake, together with Austrian partner, wont against companies from Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Great Britain.

Two new, identical, 2-engine turbo-prop aircrafts are to be delivered to Border Guard by the 1st of October 2020 (but not earlier than 1st of February 2020). According to the order specifications, the planes are to be manufactured not earlier than in 2018 and are to be equipped in brand new observation systems, 360-degree radar, AIS system and an Internet-enabled satellite phone.

Supplier provides 36-month warranty for the hull, wings, propulsion and avionics. Aircrafts will be utilized by Border Guard for patrol and search tasks over sea territories.

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