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Another tender for Tarantulas

On the 11th of July, Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of Defence announced another tender for delivery of 50 unmanned, mobile reconnaissance vehicles. These would be used by Polish Army under the Tarantula designation.

As a part of the previous proceedings, PIAP offered a purposely designed 1506 model which fulfilled the Army`s requirement / Photos: PIAP

Tarantula platform should be radio controlled and capable of traveling over variety of terrain types including paved and unpaved roads, off-road, in both the open and urban settings. Vehicle will conduct it`s mission in close proximity to the fighting force. It will pass the audio and video data to the operator over a wireless data transmission protocols. Data should be transferred in near-realtime. The design should allow for the Tarantula to be carried inside other vehicles. Weight and dimension should be such, that the platform is single soldier transportable. These vehicles are to be used by reconnaissance platoons.

Tarantulas are to be delivered to the 2ndRegional Logistic Base (2. RBLog). Interested parties can submit their offers until 7th of August, 12:00 hrs. Proceedings reference number is IU/138/X-36/ZO/NZOOiB/DOS/SS/2018. A deposit of PLN 240 000 (EUR 56 000) is required.

Previous contract for delivery of MTGRR platform was cancelled due to negative results of the field trials / Photo: Reago Group

At least 2 vehicles are to be provided by the participating companies. Each must be valued at PLN 100 000 (EUR 23 000). Following criteria will be used when deciding: price (60%), technical parameters (35%), warranty period (5%). Contract must be completed no later than on 30thof October 2020.

Tarantula`s first proceedings started in October 2014. A contract was signed with Reago Group in 2015. This contract was worth PLN 14,7 million (EUR 3,4 million). Company agreed to deliver the MTGRR robots made by Israeli based Roboteam company. MTGRR is a variant of the MTGR (Micro Tactical Ground Robot), modified to match the Polish Army needs. At the same time, PIAP`s offer of model 1506 robots was rejected. The ordered 50 platforms were supposed to be delivered by the end of 2016.

In October 2017, Armament Inspectorate informed that the MTGRR purchase was cancelled due to negative results of field testing. Another procurement proceeding was started in March 2018 but were cancelled due to lack of interested parties

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