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Polish-Austrian LTMPV

Team Concept from Bielsko-Biala (Poland) presented their new LTMPV 4x4 vehicle at Brno defence expo. Team Concept is known for adaptations of Toyota Hilux pickup truck for military use. Their two concept vehicles – LPU-1 Wirus and Lomot (Virus and Clangor) were shown previously at MSPO in Kielce. The LTMPV (Light Tactical Multi-Purpose Vehicle) was conceived in cooperation with Austrian company Oberaigner and will be undertaking 3 week long trials in Austrian Army. Tests will start right after Brno show.

Prototype of Light Tactical Multi-Purpose Vehicle (LTMPV) presented at Brno IDET show by Austrian Oberaigner and Poland-based Team Concept. Austrians are known provider of Sprinter 4x4 based vehicles, modified for special use / Photos: Oberaigner

LTMPV is based on modified chassis of Mercedes-Benz 319 Sprinter. Design started at the beginning of last year and the prototype was completed in October 2016. This vehicle was created with Austrian, Czech and Polish armed forces in mind. All mentioned countries are actively seeking replacement for various 4x4 vehicles used in their forces. Honker 2000, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G-Klasse, Pinzgauer and UAZ-469 are some models to be replaced.

Vehicle’s dimensions are 5600 mm length, 2050 mm width and 2460 mm height. GVW is 4600 kg. It has full time 4x4 transmission with 33% front / 67% rear ratio of power distribution. Light Tactical Multi-Purpose Vehicle can carry up to 9 persons (including driver). It has two front seats, three middle seats and two benches for 2 persons each. Load carrying capability is 2000 kg. Engine is a 3-liter, 4-cylinder diesel power unit (Mercedes-Benz OM642) which develops 190 BHP. Manual transmission has 6 gears. Vehicle can be fueled with F34/JP-8 fuel.

LTMPV complies with some requirements for high mobility passenger/heavy goods vehicles requested for Mustang program. Police could also be interested – for the last two years they have been searching for 35 of light armored carriers for use in anti-terrorist operations.

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