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MSPO 2018: PIAP`s new releases

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) will present special equipment for combating NBC threats at the 26th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO. Solutions such as PIAP mobile platforms equipped with accessories for detection and measurement of contamination will be presented. For the first time, CSL pyrotechnic devices will be presented. PIAP is an official Polish and international distributor for the English manufacturer.

IBIS platform, equipped with a full array of NBC detectors will be presented during the MSPO

CSL 50-40 VUL disruptor is a modular, recoilless device which can fire a different mass projectiles which can be configured to disarm various types of detonators and dangerous objects (IED, UXO, etc.). It can also be used as support by anti-terrorist units. An optional grenade launcher module can be fitted to the device`s 40 mm barrel. This enables the use of M203 grenades.

CSL 50-40 VUL launcher is a new product shown by PIAP. It`s designed for neutralized suspected explosive devices / Film and photos: PIAP

Another presented design will be the IBIS mobile platform equipped with auto-sampling NBC manipulator. The containment vessel for samples is located on a mobile base. This platform was designed for EOD and reconnaissance tasks. When fitted with additional attachments IBIS can be used for neutralizing dangerous objects, chemical reconnaissance or rescue.

The 6-wheel platform of IBIS has an independent drive for each of its wheels. It also has a full set of NBC accessories for obtaining samples for analysis, surface samples retrieval, radiation detection, air and liquid sampling, and can display area contamination on a map.

Since 1965 the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) is responsible for development and introduction of new technologies, automation systems, mass-production equipment and specialized measuring devices. PIAP team developed the FENIX, GRYF and TRM reconnaissance platform, MULTISTRIKER EOD device and EXPLORER system for hard-to-reach location inspections.

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