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MSPO 2018: PGZ and Boeing agreement

On the 4th of September, Boeing and Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) signed a partnership agreement which enables the companies to cooperate on the AH-64 Apache platform for Kruk (Crow) programme. The collaboration will cover manufacturing, long-term support, and training.

This arrangement, part of the Kruk programme, can be an important step in the intensification of Poland's military cooperation with United States / Photo: PGZ

AH-64 Apache is under consideration as a possible replacement of currently used Mi-24 attack helicopters. Signed in Kielce, the agreement can open the way for better cooperation in matters of support, maintenance, modernization and integration of Polish solutions to the AH-64 Apache. Americans don`t rule out the inclusion of PGZ into their supply chain.

According to Gene Cunningham, Boeing`s vice president for the Global Sales of Defence, PGZ is Boeing`s main Polish partner. The signed agreement is to serve as a proof that the American company considers a longtime relationship with Polish industry.

AH-64E Apache is an attack helicopter manufactured for militaries of the USA and their allies. Sixteen countries use this aircraft in various versions / Photo: Krzysztof Kluza

Jakub Skiba, CEO of PGZ pointed out that this contract can be an important step in creating a maintenance and modernization capabilities for the future attack helicopter which will be procured in the Kruk programme.Also on the 4th of September, Boeing and Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze No. 1 S.A. signed a memorandum of understanding concerning cooperation in regards to non-Boeing helicopters manufactured out of USA. Companies will analyze possibilities for collaboration on modification and modernization for helicopters. Supply chain management is also in their field of interest.

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