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MSPO 2018: New products from Maskpol

At this year`s MSPO, PSO Maskpol (part of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa) presented 3 new patterns of MAPA camouflage. The new patterns are designated V2. In addition, tactical equipment for special forces was also shown as a presentation of the company`s capabilities.

Maskpol is considering a limited release of the MAPA V2 to the civilian market. If this happens it is entirely possible that the fabric will only be available to chosen partners offering high-quality products.

The 3 new patterns were created by Ph.D. Maciej Dojlitko and are based on a different pattern. It consists of a blurred and sharp object which creates a 3d effect and allows for color permeability resulting in confusion for a potential observer.

Three variants are designed for different climate zones, ranging from arid to heavily forested. The wide range of usability is achieved by precise choice of colors and contrasts. It`s worth noting that MAPA uses micro and macro patterns and works effectively for a wider range of distances. This is a contrast to current patterns, created with old methodology.

Second novelty - combat shirt and trousers were made from the Durastretch expanding material. It also has improved durability against hard conditions.

Another premiere from Maskpol was a set of tactical equipment. It consisted of a low profile plate carrier made of Durastretch. The carrier has no MOLLE/PALS webbing and has a 2-part, zippered ammo compartment. The zipper is located on the chest.

The third premiere from Maskpol was a set of tactical equipment. It consisted of a low profile plate carrier made of Durastretch, with a laminate battle belt sleeve.

It`s made of elastic fabric and laminate by laser cutting. Additional pouches can be located on the outside and inside of the carrier. Equipment also comes with a belt sleeve, also made with laser cutting technology.

The modified HP-05 helmet is another approach by Maskpol to developing a polyethylene head protection. The original model was exhibited in 2017 and 2018 at Balt Military Expo.

The modified HP-05 helmet is made of polyethylene. The improved, ergonomic shape was presented for the first time. The harness wasn`t changed but a new night-vision socket was used. In production models, it will be made from aluminum alloy. The helmet also uses a different color than typically used by Maskpol. The shape reminds a bit of Revision`s Viper head protection.

The final version of armor plate for Dromader system. It's effective against 7,62 mm x 51 FMJS and PS rounds. / Photos: Jarosław Lis

MILMAG Military Magazine also found out that Maskpol is cooperating with Karrimor. English company will provide different types of backpacks for the Dromader system.

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