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MSPO 2018: MBDA aims for Narew

In Kielce, during the 2018 MSPO exhibition, MBDA consortium presented their proposal for the short-range anti-air CAMM system, which will be offered to Poland for the Narew programme.

A possibility exists for a partial polonization of the CAMM system. It would be integrated with an existing radar network and would be fitted to trucks manufactured in Poland.

CAMM (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile) is the newest system in MBDA offer. Its based on modular missiles launched from vertical launchers and can be utilized by land forces as well as the navy. Royal Navy Type 23 frigates are armed with CAMM system. One of the advantages of the MBDA system is the cold start technology which enables the missiles to be safely launched from small launching platforms such as decks of small vessels or in the urban environment. Thermal trace of the launch is also decreased which allows for better concealment of the launch itself.

The system is based on 2 types of missiles: CAMM (with a range of 1 to 25 km) and CAMM-ER (with extended range). It`s worth to point out that the launchers can be integrated into the existing airspace control system. Successful guiding of the CAMM missile requires data link to the detection equipment to pass on the target location.

Size comparison of the normal and extended range CAMM missiles. /Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

MBDA representatives claim that the sale of the full CAMM system together with technology transfer is possible. This was enabled by the Polish-British bilateral military cooperation agreement. The system can also be partially polonized - it could be integrated into the existing radar network and the launchers could be fitted to trucks manufactured in Poland.

Interestingly, MBDA tested their effectors with various European and American anti-aircraft system. During tests in the USA, CAMM was able to successfully fix and intercept the target while receiving data from the ICBS system.

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