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MSPO 2018: New Rheinmetall distributor

During the MSPO in Kielce, Pagacz & Synowie company presented a range of new Rheinmetall products. The Toruń-based company is a new Polish distributor of Rheinmetall. Laser target designators and laser range finders from the German manufacturer were the main focus of the presentation.

The user can decrease the emitter power to 20 % (safe for human eyes). This is achieved with a blue filter and can be useful in training scenarios.

LLM-PI module, created for semi-automatic pistols, has a laser pointer and a flashlight. The device can work in 2 modes - the visible light range (635 nm wavelength and 5 mW power) and the infrared mode (850 nm wavelength and 0.4 mW power). The flashlight is based on a LED which can emit 180 lumens and can work in constant and strobe mode. Power is provided by a single DL123 battery.

VTAL set consists of pointer/illuminator, wired switch and an optional flashlight.

Another product presented at the MSPO was the laser VTA laser pointer/illuminator. The device was developed together with the KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte) special unit. It`s equipped with 3 led`s which emit visible light (red, 640 nm wavelength, 70 mW maximum power), infrared light (850 nm wavelength, 30 mW maximum power), and illuminating light (830 nm wavelength, 75 mW maximum power). The manufacturer claims that the VTAL is compatible with all, currently used in service, night vision devices.

VTAL connectors are equipped with gaskets. This makes it water-resistant for up to 30 m depth.

TAC-RAY Ballistic was a very noticeable absentee. It`s a tactical laser range finder equipped with a ballistic computer. It`s a Rheinmetall novelty and was developed for designated marksmen and snipers. The laser utilized in the device is invisible in night vision devices and allows for precise distance measurement for up to 2500 meters. The distributor claims that first units will soon be available in Poland (MSPO 2018: Vehicle tracks distribution agreement, 2018-09-13).

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