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New Vis for independence centennial

On the 23rd of November, MILMAG Military Magazine was informed by the Fabryka Broni that a commemorative series of 50 modern wz. 35 Vis pistols is ready to hit the market shelves. The 9 mm firearms were manufactured in 2018 and are based on the original, pre-war, documentation. Pistols will be sold directly by Fabryka Broni and by their sole official dealer – Colt Krotoszyn/Colt Wroclaw.

Fabryka Broni introduced a commemorative run of modern, 9 mm wz. 35 Vis semi-automatic pistols. These weapons were manufactured to mark the centenary of Poland`s regained independence

Pistols are finished in a matte black and have some artistic engravings on the slide. The 1939 cavalry banner and a 100 LAT NIEPODLEGLEJ (100 years of independence) are located on the right side. Firearms are delivered in wooden cases, lined with a red suede. Also included are the single magazine, brass cleaning rod and a reprint of the original instruction manual. The serial numbers of the commemorative series run from 201801 to 201850 and are stamped on the slide and the chassis. Modern surface finish is the same as used on the P99 pistols. Modern Vis-es are fully manufactured in Radom. Four or five early production weapons will remain in the company`s HQ while the rest will be sold to collectors.

This is a second commemorative series of modern wz. 35 Vis pistols manufactured by the Fabryka Broni and a third run produced in Radom since the 2ndWorld War. The earliest post-war production started in the 90s in Zaklady Metalowe Lucznik (Fabryka Broni predecessor). Twenty-five pistols were fully hand-made and had a 1997 production date stamped in place of the original 1938. Serial numbers started from A00001. Different font was used for the post-war constructions and the serial number was placed not only on the chassis but also on the slide. This was dictated by the Polish laws concerning the essential parts of firearms.

Second run of 50 modern Vis-es was concluded in 2015 and was a joint venture between Fabryka Broni and other companies. Pistols were numbered with K0001 to K0050 numbers stamped on the chassis and slide. This run was produced to mark the 90 years of Fabryka Broni and 80 years of wz. 35 Vis pistol.

Modern Vis has a black, matte finish and commemorative engravings placed on the right side of the slide. Engravings include a stylized 1939 cavalry banner and a 100 LAT NIEPODLEGLEJ inscription / Photos: Fabryka Broni

Weapons were marked with 2015 manufacturing date. Other markings were copied from the original but different font was used. Most of these pistols had a FB logo and a 90 LAT TRADYCJI (90 years of tradition) engraving on the right side of the slide. K0031 to K0050 weapons were auctioned on the internet in 2016. K0001 pistol was gifted to Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland. One of wz. 35 low-numbered weapons was also given to Antoni Macierewicz – Minister of Defence at that time.

Wz. 35 Vis works on short recoil operation basis. It was initially produced in 1936-1939 in the Fabryka Broni in Radom. Until the Second World War started, 49400 of these pistols were produced. It was a service weapon for the officers and NCOs of the Polish Army. Under the German occupation manufacturing was still ongoing but in a simplified version known as Pistole 35(p). Initially, manufacturing continued in Radom but was later moved to Austria (Ostmark at the time), to the Steyr-Daimler-Puch factory. Until 1945, between 312 to 380 thousand of pistols were manufactured.

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