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Boeing reveals offset plans for Poland

On the 6th of December, a Boeing`s press briefing took place in Warsaw. The event was held for selected media representatives and concerned the possibility of technology transfer related to a potential purchase of AH-64E strike helicopters for the Kruk (Crow) program. Philip C. Schneider, Boeing director responsible for international strategic cooperation, confirmed that the company can offer offset possibilities as a part of negotiations with the Polish government. Offset agreement could encompass all specialties developed by the American company (MSPO 2018: PGZ and Boeing agreement, 2018-09-05).

If the AH-64E helicopters are procured, the maintenance, inspection and future modernization would be carried out by Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze no. 1 from Lodz / Photo: Krzysztof Kluza

As MILMAG Military Magazine found out, Polish purchase of 32 of AH-64E would result in Boeing`s close relationship with member companies of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ). The Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze no.1 from Lodz would take the lead in the Polish-American relationship. Company is already involved in Boeing`s projects. After the modernization of the infrastructure, Lodz-base company is currently supplying fuselage components for OV-22 rotorcrafts and F-15 fighters. WZL no. 1 would serve as a maintenance, repair, inspections and modernization center for Polish AH-64E`s.

Other companies involved in the potential transfers would include PIT-RADWAR, Mesko, Centrum Techniki Morskiej and Wojskowe Zaklady Elektroniczne. This list shows the way that the Americans think about the technology transfer. Polish industry would be involved in manufacturing of communication and armament systems for the future helicopters. Another potential partner – Wojskowe Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Technologiczne –successfully provided airstrip generators for AH-64`s displayed at this year`s MSPO.

Answering to MILMAG`s question, Philip Schneider emphasized that Boeing is also ready to integrate other than AGM-114 Hellfire II guided missiles. If Polish government will have such requirements, helicopters could be armed with Rafael ADS Spike ER or MBDA Brimstone missiles.

Americans do not rule out transfer of other know-how from the offset. One example is the space technology currently developed by Boeing. The contract, if signed, will be based on the American Foreign Military Sales procedure. This entitles the USA government to have the final say in the know-how transfer and will probably exclude the Longbow radar  technology from the offset.

The Polish government will have the influence of the range of American investments in Polish defence industry. Boeing will probably focus on cooperation with state-controlled members of PGZ. The potential technology transfer would be influenced by State-to-State agreement.

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