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Police choice of grenade launchers

On the 28th of December, Polish Police headquarters (Komenda Glowna Policji; KGP) disclosed the information obtained from offerors in the proceedings for the purchase of the 200 of 40 mm revolver grenade launchers. It was easy to anticipate that the Tarnow Mechanical Works (Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow; ZMT) - domestic manufacturer of such firearm - will take part in the proceedings. However, the participation of the UMO company from Zielonka came as a surprise.

ZMT RGP-40 revolver grenade launcher offered to the Police. In December 2016, Police Academy from Szczytno received 3 of these firearms which were officially introduced into service in March 2017 / Photo: Remigiusz Wilk

Tarnow Mechanical Works offered to deliver the RGP-40 grenade launchers to the Police at the price of EUR 1,2 million (PLN 5,166 million) and with the order completion date of 20th of December 2019. The warranty is to be 36 months or 3000 shots. UMO offered the price of  EUR 1,48 million (PLN 6,355 million), same delivery date and the warranty of 48 months or 4000 shots. UMO representatives were unwilling to disclose the exact firearm offered.Thereby, in the procurement proceedings, ZMT was awarded 85 points (60 for the price, 15 for the warranty and 10 for delivery schedule). UMO received 88,77 points (48,77 for the price, 30 for the warranty and 10 for the delivery schedule).

The UMO company from Zielonka is not a manufacturer but a representative of foreign producers. For many years they have been providing Polish Police with Tasers. They also offer Aimpoint reflex sights, including the Micro T-2 model selected as the base sight for Polish Special Forces. The company also offered Oshkosh Defence vehicles to the Polish Army.

This tender is not the first one in which UMO surprised with the best offer. Previously, they won a tender for procurement of 350 of the Beretta ARX 160A3 rifles chambered in 5,56 x 45 mm.Analiza

South African Milkor Super Six MRGL (Multi-Round Grenade Launcher) fulfills the Polish technical requirements. This grenade launcher was developed in 2012 and tested by, among others, American Special Forces. It fires 40 mm x 46SR low- and medium-velocity ammunition (375 and 600 m range) and 40 mm x 51 medium-velocity grenades (800 m range).

UMO probably offered the South African Super Six MRGL revolver grenade launcher. The weapon is manufactured by Milkor, the biggest manufacturer of such firearms in the world. The SAR-based company sold 64.000 of grenade launchers to 67 countries / Photo: Milkor

In August 2018, Armscor won a contract for delivery of Super Six grenade launchers. The weapon was accepted into SAR Armed Forces in a modified, Y4 variant. Deliveries are to conclude in March 2019. Current manufacturing capabilities are at the level of 450 grenade launchers per month. This is a direct result of a launch of a modern factory in Centurion. The plant was started in 2016 and has 7000 square meters of the surface. Before that, Milkor was able to produce only 225 grenade launchers per month.Milkor sold 64.000 of the revolver grenade launchers to 67 countries. Milkor also popularized such a design. SAR Armed Forces accepted the MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) into the service in 1983 (designated as Y2). Later, the firearm reached multiple countries, many of which just copied the design. In the US Marine Corps, this grenade launcher is known as M32/M32A1.Grenade launchers for the Polish Police can be delivered from either SAR or USA, where Abrams Airborne Manufacturing/Milkor Inc. has the AV-140 model, which matches Polish requirements.


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