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Kahles HELIA and K318i for lefties

Austrian company Kahles presented their new sights at the beginning of January. HELIA Red Dot is a reflex sight developed for hunters, while the K318i is an optical scope designed for left-handed shooters and has precision adjustment turrets.

Kahles HELIA Red Dot is a simple to use reflex sight to be utilized for collective hunts

HELIA Red Dot reflex sight was developed for collective hunts. It`s the first such design by Kahles destined for the hunting market. During round-up hunts, animals will often surprise the hunter and give him very narrow chance for an accurate shot. Sight for such hunting must have a wide field of vision to ensure the safety of others in the hunting party.

The sight has a special anti-reflex coating which prevents distracting images from appearing in the whole field of view. Aiming point is 2 MOA and was designed to cover the least of the target and allow for intuitive shooting. The reticle is backlit in red and has 4 power settings. This allows for adjustment according to the lighting conditions. Easyclick adjustment mechanism allows for intuitive zeroing of the HELIA sight.

HELIA is marketed with a special orange cover which also serves as additional battery storage

Hunting reflex sight from Kahles was designed as a simple and rugged unit with easy-to-use controls. The battery cover can be opened with a coin or a cartridge. HELIA is sold with a Picatinny-compatible mount or an adapter, suitable for European mounts. Sight became available in January 2019 and the recommended retail price is EUR 400.

Kahles K318i optical scope debuted during the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. It was developed mostly for soldiers and other force departments. It has a very short, 313-mm, tube. In April 2019, 318i will become available with control turrets redesigned for left-handed shooters.

New models of Kahles K318I scopes will have the control turrets for both right- and left-handed shooters /Photos: Kahles

Besides the popular, backlit MSR/Ki and SKMR3 reticles, located on the first optical plane, K318i will also be available with precisely adjustable aiming point. One turret step will move the aiming point by 1/4 MOA. Version with new MOAK reticle will also be available. New models will start retailing in April 2019 and the recommended price will be EUR 3260.

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