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C295M and PZL-130 maintenance contracts

On the 24th of January, in the 3rd Regional Logistics Base, 2 contracts concerning maintenance of the C295M and PZL-130 Orlik airplanes were signed. Between 2019 and 2022, Airbus Poland Warsaw Service Center will provide inspections and overhauls to 16 C295M medium transport aircraft based in the 8th Airlift Base in Cracow and to 28 PZL-130 Orlik training planes stationed in the 42nd Training Air Base in Radom. 

2019-2022 maintenance for C295M will cost 89 mln (20,8 mln EUR). For the PZL-130 Orliks' upkeep, Polish Air Force will pay 12,5 mln zł (2,9 mln EUR).

During the signing ceremony, Manuel Heredia Ortiz, CEO of Airbus Poland S.A., emphasized that Airbus is grateful for the show of trust which resulted in the signed contract. The contract will provide cost-effective maintenance of the Polish Air Force C295M, modernization, maintenance of the training aircraft and help with future pilot`s training.

Contracts concerning the C295M and PZL-130 Orlik airplanes were signed by Manuel Heredia Ortiz, CEO of Airbus Poland S.A. and Colonel Miroslaw Molik, CO of the 3rd Regional Logistics Base / Photo: Maciej Nojek, 8th Airlift Base

Airbus Poland has been responsible for the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of the C295M planes for the last 7 years. During this time, all 16 transport planes used by the Polish Air Force underwent the periodic maintenance and overhaul according to their service life schedule. Since 2003, when C295Ms` were introduced, planes were airborne for over 70.000 hours. All transport planes are stationed in the 8th Airlift Base in Cracow. Airbus Poland manufactures 40% of structural components of these type of aircraft.

 During the visit, Manuel Heredia Ortiz familiarized himself with the Airbus Military C295M simulator. Only Spain and Canada have similar simulators in operation

The second agreement concerns PZL-130 Orlik training airplanes. Polish Air Force has 28 of these planes in service, sixteen of which are undergoing the modernization from TC II to TC II Advanced standard. Twelve of the oldest PZL-130 TC I are undergoing a similar procedure which will result in planes modernized to the newest TC II Advanced standard. All modernization is carried out by Airbus Poland. Orlik`s are used for selection and training of the future Air Force pilots in the 42nd Training Air Base in Radom.

After the ceremony, Colonel Zdzislaw Konieczny presented infrastructure of the 8th Airlift Base located near Balice International Airport / Photos: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Warsaw Service Center is the second Airbus facility in Europe, specializing in C295M service. It also performs Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul activities for the Czech Republic Air Force and Kazakhstan Air Force.


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