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PAC9, PAC911 and PAC-9 CC unveiled

On the 1st of February 2019, at the ShootingPRO/Knieja/Survival Force Expo trade show in Poznan, the premiere of new firearms from PA-KO took place. Polish company has been active for 25 years and currently produces firearms under the AK from Radom and AR from Radom brands.

PAC9 and PAC911 pistols debuted at the shooting/hunting trade show in Poznan. The PAC9 is derived from Glock 19 but the manufacturer states, that the mass-produced version will get a different slide than the prototype. The PAC911 is the long-expected Polish 1911

PAC911 semi-automatic pistols were presented in Poznan. These are a direct development of the American M1911 hammer fired pistol. Over 100 years ago John M. Browning designed a pistol that became a source for many other firearms such as wz. 35 VIS. The original 1911 is chambered in .45 ACP. The PA-KO version uses the popular 9x19 mm ammunition.

There will be 2 variants of the Polish 1911. PAC911 5” with a 5-inch/127-mm barrel and PAC911 6” with a 6-inch/152-mm barrel. Pistols will be available with and without an integrated accessory rail (Tactical and Classic models). Only Tactical line was presented in Poznan. The 5-inch-barreled pistol weights 1,1 kg and has 210 mm in length. PAC911 with 6-inch barrel weights 1,17 kg and is 235 mm long.

Design retains the narrow pistol grip and the single-stack magazine. Due to smaller size of 9x19 mm ammunition the magazine now takes 10 rounds (7 in the original .45 ACP). Trigger pull weight is 2,4 kg. New pistols come with a single 10-round magazine.

The PAC911 line is to hit the shelves in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Price will be around EUR 800-870 (PLN 3500 – 3800). PA-KO representatives also state that in 2019, a .45 ACP model will be introduced together with many other variants based on the same design.

Prototype of the 9x19 mm chambered PAC9 striker fired pistol. It's based on the Gen 3 Glock 19 and can use Glock magazines. It also fits inside standard G19 holsters.

Next PA-KO premiere in Poznan was the PAC9 striker fired pistol chambered in 9x19 mm. It's based on the Gen 3 Glock 19 and can use Glock-compatible magazines. It can be carried in standard G19 holsters. The slide of the prototype will get significant changes in shape before the mass production.

PAC9 has an aluminum alloy frame. It has a beaver-tail and an under-barrel accessory rail compatible with Picatinny/MIL-STD-1913. The frame has milled spots for the thumb and trigger finger above the pistol grip. There are also milled spots for supporting hand fingers on the sides of the pistol. PA-KO does not plan to compete with run of the mill Glocks 19. PAC9 will be marketed as an upgraded equivalent of the Austrian pistol. PAC9 manipulators are located exactly in the same places as in G19. Recoil mechanism is exchangeable with the Austrian model. Final version of PAC9 will have a modified trigger mechanism. Pistol weights 0,77 kg with 102-mm barrel and is 177 mm in length. Interestingly, the specifications match the requirements of Polish Police for their service pistols. Aluminum alloy chassis pistol will cost EUR 700 (PLN 3000) and will be sold with a single 15-round magazine.

PAC-9 CC is a pistol caliber carabine based on the PAC-15 rifle. Straight blowback firearm uses 9x19 mm ammunition. PAC-9 CC accepts popular Glock magazines. /Photos: Remigiusz Wilk, PA-KO

In Poznan, PA-KO presented their PAC-9 CC pistol caliber carabine based on PAC-15 rifle. PAC-9 CC is a straight blowback action weapon that fires 9x19 mm ammunition and is compatible with Glock magazines.

PAC-9 CC has a 6-position adjustable stock and the mass-produced models will have an M-LOK handguard. Barrel's tip has an external thread and a flash hider. Firearms presented at the trade show were still in prototype stages.

Two models of PAC-9 CC were presented in Poznan. One has 7,5-inch/190-mm barrel and the other 12,5-inch/317-mm barrel. Barrel twist is 1/10 (254 mm). Manufacturer states that different barrel lengths can be developed according to the market requirements.

Charging handle is ambidextrous and the safety is positioned on either side of the lower receiver. PAC-9 CC 7,5” weights 2,6 kg and the PAC-9 CC 12,5” is 2,7 kg. Regardless of barrel's length, the price will be EUR 1225 (PLN 5300). Weapon will be sold with a set of BUIS and a single 33-round magazine. PA-KO also claims that the firearm can be offered to the professional, uniformed clients as an SMG. Such variant can also be equipped with a retractable/folding stock to shorten the overall length of the firearm.

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