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Another PIAP robots for Africa

In the first quarter of 2019, PIAP Industrial Research Institute of Automation and Measurements completed deliveries of their PIAP GRYF, EXPERT, and TRM robots for West African  police. Polish platforms will be used for EOD reconnaissance, dangerous items neutralization and support of counter-terrorist activities.

Police procured specialized robots manufactured by Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP. Devices will be used for EOD and counter terrorist tasks

Another african unit chose the PIAP GRYF robots for reconnaissance of various terrain and hard-to-reach locations. This model is already in use in Africa by the Nigerian armed forces. The robot has a arm with 5-axis manipulator. It`s capable of lifting up to 15 kg loads. Transport of  PIAP GRYF is simplified due to removable wheels and low weight. GRYF`s propulsion allows for traversing obstacles up to 45 degrees pitch and the robot is designed for quick and simple changes of mounted equipment.

 The narrow shape of the EXPERT robot make it ideal for confined spaces such as buses, trains or airplanes

Additionally,  police ordered the EXPERT robots developed for operations in public transport vehicles and confined spaces. EXPERT has a 3 meter long, 6-axis arm and distinctive foldaway stabilizers which can be used for example between rows of seats. This way the arm can remain stable even when handling heavy objects with the arm perpendicular to robot`s axis.

Throwable TRM robots will be used for reconnaissance during high-risk operations / Photos: PIAP

TRM robots were chosen for counter-terrorist operations. TRM is a small robot developed for reconnaissance of hard-to-reach and dangerous locations. It can be used inside buildings and on an open terrain to conduct audio and visual reconnaissance from a safe distance. The robot can be thrown or dropped on a hard surface from up to 9 m and remains operational.



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