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WARMATE`s from WB GROUP for Australia

Avalon Air Show is the biggest show of it`s kind in the Australia/Pacific region. During the show, Polish WB GROUP signed a contract with Australian Cablex company. The contract concerns local distribution and integration of the WARMATE loitering munitions system.

The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Mr. Steven Ciobo (Australian Minister for Military Industry) and Mr. Michal Kolodziejski, Polish Ambassador to Australia

According to the contract, Cablex will be the sole representative of the WARMATE system and a final integrator into the Australian Armed Forces. The agreement is a direct result of Australian Army interest in the procurement of loitering munition system capable of supporting specialized units.

WARMATE`s compatible warheads can be used against lightly armored vehicles, strongpoints, and enemy soldiers / Photos: WB GROUP

WB GROUP developed technology allows for reconnaissance, target detection, and immediate surgical strike against detected threat. WARMATE does not require extended infrastructure and can be easily carried by soldiers operating in difficult terrain, without vehicular support. Such capabilities are important for Australian soldiers who often operate in adverse environment without support. WARMATE`s warheads are capable of effective strikes against lightly armored vehicles, strongpoints and enemy soldiers. The system reduces the sensor-to-shooter reaction time to minimum.

WARMATE is fully integrated with other WB GROUP solutions such as FlyEye reconnaissance UAV or TOPAZ integrated combat management system.


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