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Russian – Chinese exercises on Baltic Sea

Group of Chinese warships docked in Russian Navy port of Baltiysk in Kaliningrad Oblast. The task force will conduct exercises on Baltic Sea in conjunction with Russian Navy as a part of Russian-Chinese military cooperation which started with Yellow Sea exercise performed in the last few years.

Chinese, multi-role, type 053A frigates provide air defense for vessels in the 50 kilometers range. Armed with torpedo-rockets, these ships are capable of counter-submarine operations.

Three ships entered Baltiysk port: Hefei missile destroyer (type 052D), Yuncheng frigate (type 053A) and Lomachu supply ship. Russian forces include two 20390 corvettes supported by based in Kaliningrad Su-24 planes and Ka-27 helicopters.

Russian Minister of Defense declaration states, that the exercise is to be an example of cooperation of allied fleets and is not targeted against any other countries. The fleets will focus on coordination while conducting sea, land and air joint operations.

Task forces are commanded by Chinese Vice-Admiral Tian Zhong and his Russian counterpart, Vice-Admiral Alexander Fedotenkow. / Photos: Russian Ministry of Defense

On the 25th and 26th of July, the Russian-Chinese armada will practice defense against enemy ships and aircrafts. Counter-piracy and counter-sabotage operations are also planned. The Baltic operations are a first stage of bigger exercise – Joint Sea 2017 – and will be continued in August on Okhotsk and Japanese Sea.

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