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ET2019: Vorn Defence GARM

Vorn Defence presented a prototype of the GARM backpack at the 2019 Enforce Tac exhibition. The backpack is directed towards military users, and was designed for comfortable carry of a wide range of long-guns. It includes a Quick Rifle Release (QRR) system which enables the wearer to quickly access and deploy the firearm. The new design is called GARM and is currently at the prototype stage. The backpack can accommodate precision rifles or automatic rifles with a 10,5-inch/254-mm or longer barrel.

GARM backpack enables the user to carry a wide range of firearms from carbines to precision rifles and access them instantly when needed, thanks to QRR system.

Like last year's THOR (ET2018: Vorn Defence Thor backpacks, 2018-03-07), GARM is based on the QRR system which allows for access to the firearm located in the back compartment of the backpack. The rifle is accessed from the right side of the pack and the system is actuated by pulling on a handle located on the left shoulder strap. This enables the user to deploy the weapon, by grabbing the barrel. The backpack stays on the wearers body all the time. The second, main compartment is lined with Velcro. This makes the organization quick and convenient. GARM's top has an additional pocket for small items.

Trapdoor on the right side of the pack is opened by pulling a relase lever located on the left shoulder strap.

THOR and GARM are sold exclusively to the uniformed services. During the last year, THOR became an instant success for the company. A large batch of these backpacks was purchased by an undisclosed Dutch government organisation, and many other clients.

The firearm is deployed by grabbing the barrel and pulling it trough the opening and around the shoulder. The whole process takes about 2-3 seconds. /Photos: Jarosław Lis

Another new product from Vorn Defense is the NIJ IIIA ballistic insert for the THOR backpack. Company has also developed a medical pack which is designed to fully fit inside the THOR so it can be covertly carried despite it's bright color typical for medical gear. Vorn Defense also offers velcro-backed organizer pouches compatible with all of their backpacks.

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