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ET2019: GAIM's virtual reality training

Aimpoint presented a new virtual reality training system during the 2019 Enforce Tac exhibition. This innovative solution is based on proprietary GAIM software and allows for total immersion into the training scenario. System`s user wears VR equipment consisting of special head display and headphones. This cuts out the real-world signals and enables total immersion effect. Another part of the system is a weapon-mounted electronics package which communicates with the software.

System is available in 2 versions which allow for simultaneous training of 3 or more people. /Photo and video: Jarosław Lis

The trainee can move within a designated training area so he/she can get away with some negative VR effects known from other simulators. Those are usually caused by conflicting information received by the wearer`s brain: the eyes inform about body movement while, in reality it remains stationary. The firearm used by the trainee is mirrored in the VR world, so are the weapon`s movements and aiming.

Sound and graphics of the GAIM system are of high quality and resemble a modern computer game. There were 3 room-clearing scenarios available at the Enforce Tac. Due to time limits, demonstration scenarios were short, yet still surprised with complexity, unpredictability and reality.

The presented system can be used by up to 3 people simultaneously. There is also an extended version where each trainee wears a backpack-mounted system. This variant allows for much bigger training area and ability for more people to take part. GAIM`s system shows how the computer games will look in few year`s time. At present, the VR system is a great tool for situational awareness and response training.


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