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IWA2019: UTactic in Nuremberg

During this year's IWA Outdoor Classics exhibition in Nuremberg, Ukrainian UTactic company presented their offer of equipment. Kiev-based manufacturer specializes in high-quality tactical gear production.

UTactic company from Ukraine presented their tactical equipment at IWA 2019. One of displayed items demanded special attention - the Animus Adapt backpack by Mykola Andriievskyi from Genetics of Survival Project

UTactic offers a wide range of tactical equipment such as vests, belts, magazine pouches, backpacks, and medical equipment carry solutions. Our attention was drawn to the Animus Adapt quick access medical backpack designed by Mykola Andriievskyi from Genetics of Survival Project.

Presented at IWA 2019, Animus Adapt from Kiev-based UTactic is a quick access medical backpack.

The backpack is equipped with a velcro-lined interior which makes organization easier. A special organizer pocket is located between the back and the velcro panel. This organizer was designed for transportation of fragile items such as medication ampules.

The backpack is velcro-lined so the organization of carried equipment is easier.

Both sides of the backpack are equipped with small pockets which can be used for scissors or seat-belt cutters. Next to those pockets, small elastic compartments are sewn in. These can accommodate items such as gloves. Backpack's front has 2 pouches for smaller items such as tourniquets or hemostatic agents.

Small items such as medication ampules or breathing aids can be carried in this organizer. /Photos & video: Joachim Raźny, Jarosław Lis

The key feature of the Animus Adapt are 2 types of quick-access system. The backpack can be carried in the classic position, on the wearers back. After a quick reconfiguration of carrying system it can be easily moved to stabilised shoulder-carry, with an ability to be swithced to the chest instatnly. Animus Adapt can also be attached to a tactical vest by buckles and hip stabilizer belt. Unbuckling of the hip belt allows rapid relocation of the backpack to the front.

Basic specification:

  •     Size: 450 x 250 x 130 mm
  •     Capacity: 50 l
  •     Materials: Invista Cordura 500D, 2M fasteners, polyamid webbing

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