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PIAP at SCTX show

During Security and Counter Terror Expo – SCTX 2019, PIAP Institute presented a PIAP FENIX robot with an integrated X-ray PRÓTOS system. The presentation took place at the LOGOS Imaging stand. The American company is a partner of PIAP.

PIAP FENIX with an integrated PRÓTOS X-ray imaging system

Integration of a mobile robot with a portable X-ray system allows for remote, quick, and easy scanning of suspicious and potentially dangerous items. The whole process is controlled with the robot`s remote control console.

PRÓTOS system is a portable X-ray device based on Direct Radiography technology. It`s made without the use of glass and has 5 mm bottom border so objects can be scanned almost at the base surface. The system is capable of both wired and wireless communication and all elements of it are carried in an easy to handle backpack.

The remote console allows for scanning from a safe distance / Photos: PIAP

The 1-kg,  1,3-cm thick panel is the smallest and lightest imaging device offered by LOGOS Imaging. System`s main advantage is the ease of use by a single operator, even in a fast-paced environment. It takes only a few minutes for the operator to produce a precise image and ascertain the threat.

PIAP FENIX light reconnaissance robot was created for recon missions during military operations. It can function in an environment not accessible by humans. The robot has a long work time of 6 hours and can be equipped with various types of cameras (conventional, thermal, night vision) to provide observation over the night and day.

/Based on data received from PIAP Institute


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