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ET2019: Cloud Defensive OWL in Europe

Enforce Tac 2019 became the venue, where European premiere of Cloud Defensive's OWL flashlight took place. OWL stands for Optimized Weapon Light. This interesting tactical light source for carbine/rifle sized firearms had its world premiere at SHOT Show 2019.

After the world premiere in January during SHOT Show 2019, Cloud Defensive OWL flashlight debuted at Enforce Tac in Nuremberg

OWL is a Picatinny mounted flashlight with 1250 lumens and 50 000 candelas of light intensity. It was designed by shooting professionals and seems to address most common problems with firearm mounted flashlights.

The body, mount, and the switch are all integrated into one chunky flashlight. This helps with common issues occurring with cable-connected switches. OWL's on/off control is located on the mount's ridge and has 2-mode functionality. Quick touch cycles the light on and off while a longer grasp allows for momentary illumination.

With the body, switch, and mount integrated into one piece, the flashlight can be placed in an optimal location on the firearm

OWL does not require any additional tools when fixing to the firearm. Case closure is equipped with a special tool which fits the mounting bolt. The new flashlight is also modular and can be adapted for left- and right-handed shooter in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to special latches, OWL can be easily reconfigured for left-handed shooters

Flashlight operation, even when alternating between strong and weak sides, is comfortable and problem-free. Elements are latched together and the whole light is waterproof. OWL's manufacturer claims that it can be submerged at 60 m for 20 hours without any negative effect. The flashlight is also IPX8 compliant. Flashlight elements are joined with latches so there should be no problems with damaged threads over time. Despite its chunky look and feel, OWL is light – only 311 g with 18650 battery.

OWL is powered by 18650 battery that's gaining popularity an offers better performance than CR123A. /Photos: Karol Szczęśniak

Suggested retail price is 400 USD. At present, OWL is available only on the American market in black, gray, and olive color variants. Special versions for one of the resellers include FDE color and Multicam Black camouflage. A detailed review will be available in MILMAG Military Magazine in the near future.

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