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10 robots for Polish Police

On the 15th of March, PIAP Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements delivered 10 of EOD robots to the General Police Headquarters of Poland. The completed contract included 9 of medium PAIP GRYF robots and 1 of large IBIS robot. This IBIS is the first one procured by the Polish Police.

PIAP Institute delivered 10 of EOD robots to the General Police Headquarters of Poland / Photos: PIAP

PIAP GRYF and IBIS robots were delivered with special equipment required by EOD teams. This special equipment allows for utilization of pyrotechnical launcher, x-ray scanner, and a shotgun. Bomb technician can also use the tools carried on the robot’s platform. The tools include items such as glass breaker, wire cutters, or tire deflator. In the case of radio control jamming, the user can also command the robot via an optical fiber cable.

PIAP GRYF was developed for reconnaissance of various terrain and hard-to-reach places. It has a 5-axis manipulator and a gripper which can handle loads of up to 15 kg. Robot`s wheels are easily removable which is beneficial when setting up the robot in tight spaces. GRYF`s propulsion can negotiate terrain undulation and obstacles of up to 45 degrees pitch. 

IBIS was designed for EOD and reconnaissance actions. With additional equipment, it can be used for dangerous items neutralization, chemical reconnaissance, and rescue operations.

/ Based on data received from PIAP Institute


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