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Polish Police procurment plans for 2019

Polish Police headquarters published procurment plan for 2019. The list contains procurment of cars (PLN 23,8 million, EUR 5,56 million), vans (PLN 42,1 million, EUR 9,84 million), and purchase of 8 new water cannons. The last one mentioned is worth PLN 26 million (EUR 6,07 million) and the tender for it should start in the first quarter of 2019.

Polish Police headquarters published their procurment plan for 2019. It contains items such as service pistols, stun guns, helmets, and water cannons
/ Photo: Czernobog/wikipedia

In the first quarter of 2019, Police also wants to purchase PLN 14,9 million (EUR 3,48 million) worth of ammunition and PLN 935 000 (EUR 218 500) worth of grenades. First quarter acquistition will also inculde pepper sprays, stun gun cartridges, night vision devices and explosives to be used by BOA unit. In the second quarter Police will procure riot shields.

Service pistols acquisition is also planned for the 1st quarter of the year. Police plans to spend PLN 8,13 million (EUR 1,9 million) on the handguns. Another high-value purchase planned for the first quarter concerns conducted electrical weapons (stun guns). The plan is to procure units with 2 cartridge sockets, equipped with audio-capable video camera, and with holsters.

Additional funds are reserved for the following items: PLN 2,8 million (EUR 654 000) for purchase of balistic vests, PLN 2,44 million (EUR 570 000) for visored helmets, PLN 3,16 million (EUR 738 500) for helmets, PLN 2,26 million (EUR 528 000) for riot armor, PLN 3 million (EUR 701 000) for EOD suits, and PLN 162 000 (EUR 38 000) for pyrotechnical launchers.

Police will also spend PLN 2 million (EUR 467 500) on wearable cameras and PLN 1,5 million (EUR 350 500) on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Both of these procurment procedures will be conducted in the first quarter of 2019. Additional PLN 650 000 (EUR 152 000) will be used for acquistition of radio wave jamming devices.

The biggest budget is reserved for clothing items. Shirts and t-shirst are valued at PLN 2,2 million (EUR 514 000) while top layer clothing expenditure is planned at PLN 12,2 million (EUR 2,85 million). Uniforms, boots, belts, trousers, mid-layer clothing, and bags/backpacks will cost almost PLN 21 million (EUR 4,9 million) together.


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