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IDEF2019: The PIAP Institute enters new markets

The Warsaw based Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP exhibits at IDEF 2019 a wide range of its innovative products, which might help the company to strengthen its position on local markets and look for new sales opportunities.

The Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP promotes at IDEF 2019 its PIAP Fenix light reconnaissance robot (shown in the picture) and the newest generation of the Tactical Throwing Robot (TRM). For the first time in its history the PIAP Institute presents its offer as a member of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, the third largest research institution of this kind in Europe, which uses the output of 38 research institutes to present a comprehensive offer and innovative solutions to its clients and industry partners / Picture: Michal Jarocki

The PIAP Institute perceives Turkey and the wider Middle East as a particularly attractive market with a big grow potential. Therefore, through its presence at IDEF 2019, the company intends to make new business contacts and lay the grounds for promising cooperation with local industry partners, while at the same time enhancing its sales opportunities.

The Warsaw based company already has an impressive record of export sales to several countries in the region, having exported several dozen PIAP Scout reconnaissance robots to Saudi Arabian armed forces or a number of its other products to UAE over the last couple of years.

Currently, the Polish manufacturer takes part in a series of tenders in the region, including for the delivery of several dozen ground robots to Saudi Arabian interior security institutions or a number of other unmanned systems to potential future clients in Kuwait and Oman, where the company intends to offer, among a wide range of its products, the PIAP Fenix light reconnaissance robot paired with Logos Imaging’ portable inspection systems.

According to the company’s representatives, cooperation with international industry partners, such as the aforementioned Logos Imaging, is a result of the PIAP’s long-term business strategy, under which it intends to act not as a provider of single, self-reliant inspection robots, but rather a manufacturer of complex, modular and versatile systems integrated with a number of auxiliary accessories.


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