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IDEF2019: WB Group in Istambul

Poland’s WB Group defence company presents its products and solutions at IDEF 2019 expo, as it looks for more export opportunities in Turkey and the wider Middle East region.

The Polish WB Group presents a wide range of its renowned and combat proven products at IDEF 2019, such as the Topaz CMS, FONET internal communication system, Warmate loitering munitions and FlyEye reconnaissance systems / Photo: Michal Jarocki/MILMAG

According to Julia Domagała, communications specialist at WB Group, company’s presence at IDEF 2019 is a result of a decision to intensify its business activity and look for new export opportunities  in the region, which has been identified as having an impressive grow potential.

In the nearest future the WB Group will try to change the way it’s perceived by potential clients and industry partners – from a manufacturer of single, self-reliant products, like personal radios, UAVs or internal communication systems, to a provider of complex, modular, scalable and fully integrated combat management systems based on the renowned and battle proven Topaz design.

Quite to the point, the Polish company has been active on the regional market for a long time. Just a couple of years ago WB Group sealed a deal for several dozen Warmate loitering munitions sold to Turkey, with deliveries already concluded (WARMATE`s from WB GROUP for Australia, 2019-02-28; IDEX 2019: WB Group in the Middle East, 2019-02-21).

Shortly after the Turkish success story has been followed by a number of other potential clients in the region expressing their interested not only in WB Group’s UAV reconnaissance and combat platforms, but also a wide range of other renowned and proven products.

WB Group is aware of specific requirements of the local defence market, and as such is trying to work out various ways of cooperation with Turkish and Middle Eastern partners. As an outcome, the Polish company intends to work out innovative and unique solutions, which matched with its operational efficiency and attractive pricing, could enhance the company’s business profile and provide new export opportunities.

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