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IDEF2019: Turkish new combat helicopter

Turkish Aerospace is working on the new multirole combat helicopter which is being developed for the Turkish Army. The platform will supplement, and eventually, replace the currently operated T129 ATAK helicopter. 

At first the new Turkish heavy, multirole combat helicopter will supplement the currently operated T129 ATAK. However, according to Turkish Aerospace representatives, eventually the new helicopter will become the single, rotary-wing combat platform in the Turkish Army’s aviation force / Picture: MILMAG

According to Turkish Aerospace’s representatives the new heavy, multirole combat helicopter will have improved operational parameters compared to the currently used T129 ATAK. The new platform is supposed to have two times bigger max. take-off weight and be able to carry significantly more weapon systems than the T129, at the same time providing higher combat efficiency while performing a wide range of operational tasks.

Turkish Aerospace’s goal is to develop a platform composed of 100% locally manufactured subsystems, including gearbox and engines, avionics and weapon systems. In results, the end-user will have full independence and autonomy in terms of platform’s maintenance and modernization.

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