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Hungary about to purchase U.S. ADS

According to the Prime Minister, Victor Orban, the Hungarian government considers acquisition of a U.S.-made medium range air-and-missile defence system. This topic was discussed last week in Washington, when Orban met with the American president, Donald Trump.

Acquisition of the U.S. made Patriot air-and-missile defence system would significantly enhance Hungarian Armed Forces’ capability of defending crucial military and energy assets in the country /Photo: Raytheon

Apparently, the planned acquisition of U.S. made air-and-missile defence systems has been discussed between partners for quite some time now, f.e. during February’s visit of the American Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to Hungary. According to media reports, Hungarian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is particularly interested in air defence solutions offered by the Raytheon company, the manufacturer of the renowned and battle proven Patriot system. Hungarian authorities were said to have already started discussions about the potential deal with their American counterpart.

In the aftermath of his last week’s visit in Washington, Orban admitted that the future Hungarian air-and-missile defence system would be used to protect critical infrastructure in the country, such as military or energy assets.

In result of the planned acquisition Hungary would join an exclusive club of the operators of the U.S. made Patriot air-and-missile defence system, which currently is being procured by a number of countries in the region, such as Poland, Romania and Sweden. Moreover, by purchasing the Patriot system Hungary will make a shift in its defence procurement strategy, which until lately was dedicated to the procurement of military equipment from European partners and manufacturers.

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