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New Bulgarian OPVs on the horizon

According to local media by 12thJune the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence (MoD) should make its final decision on the preferred bidder in the tender for two new Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV). Three companies, MTG Dolphin, Lürssen and Fincantieri, are awaiting this announcement with high hopes.

In the next couple of days the Bulgarian MoD should announce the preferred bidder in the tender for two new OPVs. However, this does not mean that the procurement of new vessels is imminent, as the selected manufacturer will enter the negotiation phase with the local authorities and defence shipbuilding industry / Picture: Michal Jarocki  

The decision on the preferred bidder will be taken by a joint, intergovernmental committee, which has already opened three offers submitted by the aforementioned companies. Their evaluation and final selection should be concluded by 12thJune. The contract for new OPVs is expected to be worth approx. 820 BGN million ($470 million). 

Among companies, which take part in the verification and the selection process are: German Lürssen with its modified OPV 80/85/90 series vessel, Italian Fincantieri offering its Abu Dhabi class corvette (shown in the image) and the local MTG Dolphin with a modified version of its K-90 multi-role corvette.

The Bulgarian Navy has a requirement for two modular, multi-role patrol vessels, which would be capable of performing various types of tasks, such as anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare. New vessels should be armed with 76mm naval guns, anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles, lightweight torpedos and close-in weapon systems for self-defence. They should also have a flight deck capable of accommodating a medium size naval helicopter.



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