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Slovakia procures new tactical vehicles

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) of Slovakia intends to procure 424 armoured, multipurpose tactical vehicles. The future contract should be worth approx. 321 million euro.

The Turkish Otokar could be one of the companies interested in the Slovak tender for new 4x4 armoured, multipurpose tactical vehicles / Picture: Michal Jarocki

Selection of the preferred 4x4 multipurpose tactical platform will be conducted via an international tender carried out under the restricted procedure, as announced by the Slovak MoD. Among the fleet of 424 vehicles which will be procured, 20 will be operated by the Slovak Ministry of Interior.

According to the Slovak MoD, ‘the deadline for receipt of requests to participate is 2 July 2019 by 10:00hrs. The MoD will enter into a framework contract with the winner of the restricted procedure for a period of 10 years. The contract covers an option to supply, for example, spare parts, mobile summer and winter camouflage netting, and additional services in case of crisis.’

The program’s estimated procurement budget is approx. 321 million euro. However, the Slovak MoD will most likely intend to scale down the final acquisition cost through contract negotiations. It’s also expected that Slovaks will have a requirement to set up a local production of the selected wheeled platform, under the Transfer of Technology agreement.

The future 4x4 tactical vehicles will replace a number of currently operated, legacy wheeled platforms. They will also supplement on the battlefield a fleet of Vydra 8x8 infantry fighting vehicles based on the Patria AMV 8x8 chassis.

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