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Romania chooses French naval vessels

According to the French manufacturer, Naval Group, Romanian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has agreed to procure four new Gowind class corvettes.

Romanian procurement of the Gowind class corvettes will most likely include the transfer of technology agreement, allowing for setting up the local production of the vessels / Picture: Naval Group

Naval Group will partner with the local Santierul Naval Constanta (SNC) in the program for procurement of four new Gowind class corvettes by the Romanian MoD. The plan also calls for the modernization of Type 22 frigates, the ex-British Regele Ferdinand (F-221) and Regina Maria (F-222), as well as creation of a maintenance and training centre.

‘The Naval Group and SNC teams are honoured by the trust of the Romanian authorities and look forward to working together to provide the Romanian Navy with the four state-of-the art Gowind corvettes’, said the French manufacturer in an official statement.

Selection of Naval Group and SNC’s offer is said to ensure ‘Romania’s sovereignty and autonomy since SNC will receive the necessary know-how to support the complete life cycle of the corvettes, from building to maintenance and modernisation’.

If the final contract agreement is reached, Romania will become another operator of the Gowind class platform, after Egypt, Malaysia and UAE. The vessel is said to be the ‘perfect solution for Romania to carry out its strategic missions as a major NATO partner in the Black Sea and will also strengthen European Defence capabilities’.

A number of other European companies competed in the Romania tender, including Italian Fincantieri, which pitched a modernised Abu Dhabi class project and the Dutch Damen Group with an offer based on the SIGMA 10514 design.



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