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New radar for Patriots

During the annual Space & Missile Defense symposium Lockheed Martin presented a demonstrator of the new generation 360 degree Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. This device is one of the sensors proposed for future American anti-aircraft system (including Patriot missile guidance).

Technology demonstrator of the new 360 degree ARES radar. This should be a starting point for the new generation of sensors for US Army / Photo: Lockheed Martin

Device, called ARES (AESA Radar for Engagement and Survaillance), is a demonstrator for a 360 degree radar designed for interception of hard to detect targets (including ballistic missiles). Both USA and their Patriot-interested allies are searching for possible improvements of the airspace defense. The current MPQ-65 radar is one of the weakest links of the Patriot system as it does not have a constant 360 degrees cover. The new radar is being developed for the US Army requirement for a new device to be used in the LTAMDS program.

New radar works on the same principle as the Raytheon solution but can be distinguised by advanced algorithms for processing the signals. This solution should increase accuracy in detecting and tracking incoming threats.

The American IAMD system is developed as so called System of Systems and will connect detection, interception and command components into a single platform / Graphic: US Army

Technology demonstrator is also to become a starting point for construction of a new detection systems developed by US Army for the IAMD program. New solutions should also be interesting for Polish experts, especially after the signing of Memorandum of Intent in relation to Wisla program. What is important, acuisition of the new AESA radar is precisly mentioned in the MOI and should result in Poland recieveing the same configuration of the radar as the US Army.

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