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MSPO17: Awards for Veterans

Kate Leahy, Brigadier General of US Army and ambassador John Law  honored Polish veterans from Enduring Freedom operation. Decorations were given for exemplary service and valor during joint operations.

The awarding ceremony was the second one in the history of MSPO

Army Commendation Medals were awarded to Polish officers for outstanding service during Polish-American actions in Afghanistan. John Law stressed out the Polish involvement in international operation and stated that Polish soldiers are not only a great partner in Afghanistan and Iraq, but ale very professional in protecting eastern NATO flank.

In both Afghanistan and Iraq Polish soldiers fight together with their American colleagues / Photo: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Second awarded group were soldiers. For their valor, they were awarded Combat Action Badge for actions as a Part of Task Force 10. During a patrol they were fired upon and their vehicle got damaged by IED. Despite the risks, they repelled the enemy and were able to complete the given task.

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