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MSPO17: QBiTT for cyberspace

The contract signed on the 5th of September at the MSPO in Kielce creates a new QBiTT Co. It main task will be to provide cybersecurity for the whole arms industry.

It was signed in the presence of Minister of Development Mariusz Morawiecki and Minister of Defence Antonii Macierewicz and should create an enviroment for improved cybersecurity development. The new company would serve the nationally owned arms manufactured and all MON dependants. The QBiTT establishment is a next step in the process started by previous PGZ-Exatel agreement.

Both Antonii Macierewicz and Szczepan Ruman from PGZ stressed, that there is a need to develop Polish solutions for cybersecurity. Moreover, Minister of Defence declared establishing of a separate bureau dedicated to creating a new specialization in Poland`s Armed Forces dealing with cyber operations. However, this does not entails creation of a new force branch.

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