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MSPO17: Patrol Charger +

Patrol, one of the most recognizable Mactronic torches was updated. Patrol Charger + is not only a very popular torch for uniformed services, but also a whole system comprising of a holder/charger and a special accessory allowing for charging of the spare battery.

The new system with an additional charger as developed by Mactronic

Patrol Charger + enables the torch to be placed an accessible place and maintains a full charge of the unit. In case of power outage emergency LEDs located on the base body switch on. This helps with locating the light source.

This solution was created in a response to various rescue services need for always accessible light source. The holder/charger can be mounted not only in the buildings but also in vehicles. Power to the holder is provided with a microUSB or jack plug. Connectors build into the torch and the holder body permit recharging when the torch is in storage. LEDs build on the holder help with locating the Patrol even in complete darkness. The additional battery charging accessory is a novelty presented at MSPO.

Package consists of a torch, holder/charger and the additional battery charger / Photo: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

Patrol torch body is made of shock-resistant aluminum and is waterproof to IPX8. The LED gives out up to 700 lumens which permits a range of up to 250 m. Double switch has 4 settings (100%, 50%, 10% and a strobe). Li-Ion battery has 3350 mAh capacity and can power the torch in 100% mode for 2,5 hours.

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