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Denmark modernizes air-defence

The Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) has announced its intention to launch a tender for the acquisition of a new Ground Based Air Defence system. The future deal will also include provision of spare parts and technical support. 

It seems likely that a consortium of Kongsberg/Raytheon will be one of the contenders taking part in the future Danish tender, since both partners have a wide experience in offering a land, AMRAAM-based air-defence systems on international markets / Picture: Raytheon

Under the new Ground Based Air Defence program Danish Armed Forces intend to procure a complete system to support protection of ground troops against airborne threats. GBAD will be a surface to air missile and/or gun system consisting of sensors, effectors and C2 system. In general, the future air-defence system will consist of six components: 

- a short/medium range radar for target detection, including a secondary radar mode 5;
- an electro-optical Infrared tracker;
- a ground-based launcher for AMRAAM-120B missiles;
- a CROWS system for Stinger missiles;
- a C2 command and control system/fire control center including all necessary network and interconnections, software and interface to make the system fully functional;
- support and logistic vehicles and equipment. 

The C2 software is expected to support a variety of sensor and effector units. The complete system must include standard interface and protocols for external connection. The GBAD system will be integrated onto Eagle 5 and Scania trucks or similar vehicles.

It is a requirement that the mentioned GBAD platform will at least re-use the current available missiles from AMRAAM and Stinger family. One complete GBAD system, a battery for a Brigade and Fire Direction Center (FDC), is to be delivered during 2022-2023. DALO is considering further development of the system after 2023 and it must be possible for the Danish army to acquire additional GBAD systems or components for GBAD system after 2023. 

The GBAD system is expected to integrate and exchange data with all involved units and also external units. The GBAD training and simulation system is expected to support training of operators, and possible also education of technical personnel.


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