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MSPO17: Hoverbike

Hoverbike – a rather unusual vehicle was presented by Skynamo Aerospace at this year`s MSPO show. It can be described as a motorcycle propelled by four turbines. Hoverbike is designed for very low altitude operations.

Hoverbike can transport one or 2 people over difficult terrain where utilization of traditional means of transport is impossible / Photo: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

According to manufacturer`s description, Hoverbike can be used where traditional vehicles, such as 4x4s, quads or even helicopters can`t be used. This makes it a useful transportation for crowded urban terrain or trail-less mountain areas.

The vehicle`s chassis is made of carbon-epoxy composite, connected with elastic composite undercarriage, capable of withstanding 10G strikes. Propulsion is by 2 main rotors and 2 maneuvering rotors. Hoverbike is steered like a motorbike and rider is supported by a system of sensors helping with the operations. Main rotors are powered by internal combustion engine while the maneuvering rotors are fed by an electric motors powered by on-board generator. All fans are computer controlled.

In case of a malfunction, PowerGuard system will control the engines and electrical power to facilitate a safe landing. Another system – airSAFE – controls an emergency parachute that deploys when the PowerGuard can`t ensure safe landing. A dedicated display shows current navigational and vehicle data.

Vehicle can be operated in a remote-control mode which can be used for high-risk transport or reconnaissance missions. Hoverbike can also be equipped with a load-carrying container, optical/electronic equipment or a winch. One and two person versions are available.

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