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Schmidt & Bender retail strategy change

Schmidt & Bender starts the hunting season with changes to their retailing ways. Instead of using a sole distributor, Germans decided to build a sales network consisting of individual, specialist stores located through Poland.

Schmidt & Bender has been present in Poland  for quite a few consecutive years. Germans just opened a new company office in Warsaw /Photo: Jakub Link-Lenczowski

New sales philosophy is tightly connected with changes to private weapon ownership in Poland. These changes resulted in a rapid increase of weapon permits, thus a growing need for accessories, such as high quality optical sights. According to S&B representatives, more sales for civilian market are key subject for the company. The network of retail stores will bring better availability and service support which will result in S&B increased competitiveness.

Armed Forces orders are a different matter as Schmidt & Bender is the largest vendor of optical sights for Polish Army, Police and Boarder Patrol. Police Marksman II scope is the most popular choice for the repeating marksman rifles. German company is also interested in the contract between Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow and Inspektorat Uzbrojenia which concerns delivery of 657 of 7.62 mm BOR sniper rifles. Contract describes procurement of just the rifles, without any optical sights. In future, this will probably result in a new tender regarding purchase of additional scopes for these weapons. Seriousness of Schmidt & Bender plans concerning the Polish market is easily noticeable. Just recently Germans opened a new company office in Warsaw. S&B has also been present at the MSPO shows for quite a few consecutive years.

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