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WB Group on Arms and Security 2019

During the Arms and Security 2019 exhibition in Kiev, which was held 8-11 October, WB Group presented a wide range of its innovative and battle proven products. Systems, which were on display, included PIK, a communications integration platform for services, which according to the manufacturer, is a mixed hardware and software solution designed to provide seamless, safe, user- and supervisor-friendly voice and data communication.

WB Group’s stand during Arms and Security 2019 / Pictures: Michal Jarocki
The WB Group presented also an upgrade kit for 23mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon ZU-23-2, which gives it the new innovative features. Thanks to controlled digitally electric drives (with emergency manual drive) it is possible to achieve both, precise guidance and high-speed gun movement.

Among weapon and reconnaissance systems on display were also the Flyeye mini UAS, a close-range unmanned aerial platform designed for observation and data collection, as well as the Warmate loitering munition system, which is characterized by automatic strike on selected targets, statistically confirmed the accuracy of targeting, fully autonomous control during a strike and interchangeable warheads.

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