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Final Leopard 2A6s for Finland

On 25 October the ferry with the last batch of Leopard 2A6NL main battle tanks ordered in 2014 entered the port of Vuosaari in Helsinki. The vehicles came from the surplus of the Royal Land Forces of the Netherlands (Koninklijke Landmacht).

The 2A6NL Leopards main battle tanks will remain in the service of Finland's Land Forces until 2035. Earlier, the Netherlands tried unsuccessfully to sell tanks to Peru and Indonesia / Photo: Maavoimat

The tanks were delivered in accordance with the contract signed on 16 January 2014. Finland bought 100 Leopards 2A6NL put up for sale in 2011. The vehicles costed EUR199.9 million and deliveries for the Finnish land forces started in 2015.

Finland’s Land Forces recognized that the selected Leopard 2A6 tanks were in good technical condition. Under the contract they were refurbished and also the ammunition, spare parts and training equipment, interior and driving simulators, tool kits and diagnostic devices were delivered.

The first batch of 20 tanks arrived in Finland in May 2015. In 2016 the training began for crews of tank companies from the Mechanized Brigade (Panssariprikaati), stationed in Parolannummi.

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