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Black Hawks for Lithuania

On 18 October the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense announced the plan to start negotiations on the purchase of six UH-60M Black Hawk multi-purpose helicopters, which will replace three Soviet-made Mil Mi-8s.

The Ministry of National Defense of Lithuania has decided to purchase six UH-60M Black Hawk multi-purpose helicopters to replace the fleet of Soviet-made Mil Mi-8s / Photo: US Army

Vilnius expects the intergovernmental agreement to be signed by the end of 2020 and that helicopter deliveries in the US Army configuration will be completed by 2024. As a result, Lithuania will become the third UH-60M user in the region next to Slovakia and Latvia. Earlier, the Czech Republic gave up the purchase of UH-60M.

The Ministry of Defense has decided to withdraw three Mi-8 helicopters and start negotiations on the purchase of new helicopters. UH-60M will be used to conduct search and rescue operations and to support the Lithuanian’s Armed Forces and the international Enhanced Forward Presence battalion.

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