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Poland is returning to Lebanon

On 20-21 October at the Port of Szczecin 13 Rosomak wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, 7 Tumak/HMMWV light vehicles and 15 specialized vehicles were loaded onto the Dutch transport ship Treville. The will form a core of Polish Military Contingent (PKW) in Lebanon operate under the UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) mission.

The loading of armored personnel carriers and other specialized equipment for the needs of the PKW UNIFIL mission in Lebanon began on 20 October in the Port of Szczecin / Photo: 12th Mechanized Brigade

First the vehicles will reach the Middle East, then on 10 November 200 soldiers from 12th Mechanized Brigade are to be transfered to Lebanon from Goleniów Airport. The Polish contingent will join the Irish battalion. Poles will work together with Irish and Hungarian soldiers. On 6 November in the barracks of the 12th Mechanized Brigade, a farewell departure ceremony is planned.

The Polish Army was stationed in Lebanon as part of the UNIFIL mission from 13 April 1992 to 1 December 2009. These were the engineering (1994-2002), logistics (1994-2009), medical (1992-2005) and operational (2007-2009) contingents. They numbered from less than 100 to a maximum of 630 soldiers and were deployed in the garrisons of Jwayya, Mardż Ujun, An-Nakura and Tibnin.

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