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Mustang for the fifth time

On 14 October 2th Regional Logistics Base started an accelerated tender procedure for the delivery of 635 general-purpose 4x4 light vehicles in 2020-2022. This is the fifth attempt to acquire the Honker jeep successor for Poland’s Armed Forces. All previous proceedings were annulled because the value of the offers exceeded the amount reserved for the purchase.

2th Regional Logistics Base has open the tender for delivery of general-purpose 4x4 light vehicles. This is the fifth attempt to acquire the Honker jeep successor / Photo: Remigiusz Wilk

The 485 vehicles are to be bought under the guaranteed order and the remaining 150 under the contract option. The estimated contract value is PLN99 million. Deliveries of vehicles are to be completed by 28 November 2022.

2th Regional Logistics Base explains the urgent need to award the contract by the fact that there is a high risk of failure to sign the contract in 2019, which would result in the inability to pay an advance payment in 2019 for the contractor implementing the vehicle delivery contract for the Polish Armed Forces. In connection with the above, the resources allocated in the technical modernization plan for 2019 would not be used.

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