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3D printed DD Wave suppressor

Daniel Defense, Black Creek (GA) based American manufacturer of firearms, marketed a new monoblock DD Wave sound suppressor. It`s seamless case and conical deflectors are made of Inconel 718 alloy using additive manufacturing technology. DD Wave is available for 5.56 and 7.62 calibers (including .300 Winchester Magnum).

DD Wave was designed for prolonged, intensive use. It was carefully tested for durability and mounting system reliability. / Photos: Daniel Defense

Suppressor is made by selective sintering and recasting of Ni-Cr Inconel 718 alloy using a laser. The alloy is added layer after layer, until a fully functional device is made. This technology makes DD Wave stronger, as there are no weak points in the body due to no need for welding. It also makes the suppressor lighter. After printing, the device is nitrated and covered with Cerakote paint.

Inconel 718 consists of iron, niobium, molybdenum and small quantities of aluminum and titanium. The alloy is corrosion, shock and temperature (700 Celsius) resistant. Inconel is used in manufacturing of gas turbines, rocket engines, space vessels and atomic reactors. Properties of the alloy allowed Daniel Defence to specify that DD Wave is intended for intensive and prolonged use.

Daniel Defense is the first manufacturer to use the Inconel 718 alloy and additive manufacturing for creating a suppressor available on civilian market / Film: Daniel Defense

The suppressor has a slightly conical shape. At the back, where decompression chamber is located, it measures 40.4 mm in diameter and features additional ribs. At the front, the diameter reduces to 38.1 mm.

DD Wave is being sold in two versions. QD variant is mounted on the muzzle device (included in the kit), while the DT version uses barrel`s internal threads for attachment.

The sound suppression efficiency, declared by the manufacturer, promises 30 dB reduction when using 5.56 x 45 mm ammunition. For 7.62 x 35 mm (.300 Blackout) it raises to 40 dB. In both cases sound levels were measured by the shooter`s ear. 7.62 mm variant is 193 mm long (this includes the base of the muzzle device) and weights 488 g. Suggested retail price of DD Wave QD (Quick attachment variant) is 1160 USD and the DT version is 937 USD.

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