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POLSA stand at Space Tech Expo Europe 2019

The Polish Space Agency will organize a stand promoting the national space industry during this year's edition of the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany, which will take place during November 19-21, 2019. National aerospace entities are invited to provide their informational for display at the booth. The Polish Space Agency’s booth number is K38.

The Polish Space Agency to participate in next week’s Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 in Bremen.

The list of participants from Poland includes:

Astronika Sp. z o.o. (
ASTRONIKA is a SME company founded to develop specialized space mechanisms. ASTRONIKA’s activities focuses around the following main areas Development of space mechanisms, R&D activities, Numerical simulations, Thermal coatings, Solid lubricants and hard coatings for tribological applications.

Creotech Instruments S.A. (
The company specializes in development and production: of specialised measurement electronic signal processing systems, advanced imaging systems based on high-end, high resolution digital cameras, electronics for space industry; realizes production and assembly of electronics according to IPC, MIL, ECSS standards.

Cyberus Labs (
Cyberus Labs is a cybersecurity solutions provider that has developed a post-credential-era user & device authentication, communication and encryption system for IoT networks - ELIoT Pro. Its special feature is a Lightweight Encryption designed for devices with restrictions in power consumption, memory and computational power, perfect for nanosatellites.

ITTI Sp. z o.o. (
ITTI is an IT company (SME) developing and providing innovative applications and dedicated software solutions adjusted to customer needs, e.g. systems supporting space situational awareness and space missions, as well as systems supporting management of warehouses and manufacturing processes. ITTI has been also involved in the research and development projects performed in the programmes funded by ESA, EC, EDA and national research programmes.

Scanway Sp. z o.o. (
Scanway is a Polish SME specializing in optics and vision systems for industrial quality control. For space industry we design and develop optical payloads for smallsats with multispectral imaging. It includes optical telescopes, sensors/cameras and acquisition/processing electronics based on COTS.

Syderal Polska (
SYDERAL Polska is Polish SME providing electronics and software engineering solutions for the space sector. The company was established in Gdańsk (Poland) in 2016 and is a fully-owned subsidiary of SYDERAL Swiss - company with over 25 years heritage in space electronics market. The main product lines of SYDERAL Polska are: Mechanism and Instrument Controllers, Quantum Entanglement Controllers, Mass Memory Modules.

KP Labs (
KP Labs is a NewSpace company specialises in ML applications for space industry and hyperspectral imagery acquisition and processing. Our flagship product, Leopard DPU, enables mission designers to apply AI solutions in space to process data in orbit. It will be utilized by the Intuition-1 satellite, coupled with a 150-band hyperspectral sensor to perform image segmentation and object detection. 

Space Forest (
SpaceForest develops and commercializes innovative solutions specializing in microwave techniques, artificial intelligence, electronic and rocket technologies. The company provides design and prototype services of microwave devices, precision mechanics, electronics and antennas.

CloudFerro (
CloudFerro (CF) is a Polish technological company established at the beginning of 2015 by a group of experienced executives of IT and telco business. CloudFerro provides its Customers with dedicated servers, private and public computing clouds and virtual data centres with complete administration. The CloudFerro solutions are based on OpenStack – an opensource cloud system. CloudFerro is the only company in Poland to integrate services of bare metal and virtual servers. We are experts in storage and processing Big Data, including satellite data. Our cloud computing system provides extensive API which enables full integration with customer’s platforms.

AIRBUS POLAND S.A, is one of the oldest national aviation production company, with manufacturing sites in Warsaw and Mielec. Our heritage comes from design, manufacturing, and service of aircrafts and directly led to the establishment of a Space Commercial & Program Department in 2015 to coordinate all activities in the space sector. Currently, the space core activity is founded in electrical harness and MSGE design, manufacturing, and testing. Airbus Poland S.A is involved in key corporate space programs and effectively supports group and external customers delivering electrical harness and MSGE solutions to the space projects like JUICE, BIOMASS or MetOP SH. The manufacturing process is performed on the 3D Mock-up (GSE), where concept, design and manufacturing (ex. in duralumin) is in the responsibility of APL.

Thorium (
Thorium Space Ltd is a young company created as a result of combining experience and knowledge acquired after over 20 years of professional activity in space and financial industries. Among us are engineers, mathematicians, physicists, programmers, representatives of business, finance, and marketing. Together, we define a vision and strategies for the synthesis of synergies between experiments in different fields and emerging. The mission of the Thorium Space is design and construction of space vehicles ( satellites, satellites modules) and real-time electronics used in Aero Space industry.

Space Tech Expo in Bremen is the largest B2B event among European space industry. Approximately 200 exhibitors from all over Europe took part in the previous exposition in 2017. The Polish Space Agency will be organizing the Polish national space industry booth during the trade fair in Bremen for the second time.

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