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More Grot rifles for Poland

On 14 November soldiers of the radio company from the Training Center for Communications and Information Technology (CSŁiI, Centrum Szkolenia Łączności i Informatyki) in Zegrze received the first training on firing from 5.56mm Grot assault rifles at the shooting range in Kąty Węgierski. There are already nearly half a thousand of the latest assault rifles in CSŁiI.

The first 5.56mm Grot C16 FB-M1 assault rifles were delivered to Poland’s Armed Forces exactly two years ago. Now there are over 28,000 such rifles in use to replace AK/AKM rifles chambered by 7.62x39 mm / Photo: Territorial Defense Army

The introduction of the new rifle to soldiers was preceded by courses for instructors and a series of theoretical and practical classes. Before the soldiers were allowed to shoot, they had to learn about the safety, principles of operation of the weapon and have to pass the exam.

The first Grot C16 FB-M1 rifles came into the Territorial Defence Forces (WOT, Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej) exactly two years ago. Since then, Fabryka Broni delivered over 28,000 rifles to the Armed Forces. Over 24,000 were sent to units of Territorial Defense Forces, and nearly 4,000 were equipped military academies, training centers and a few of the Land Forces units.

On 30 September annexes were signed to existing orders for standard Grot assault rifles and Vis 100 semi-automatic pistols. In the years 2019-22 an additional 18,000 Grots will be delivered to the Polish Armed Forces. It means an increase in supplies this year by 4,000 rifles, compared to previous plans.

The Communications and Information Technology Training Center has been subject to the command of Territorial Defense Forces since October 2019. Currently, the SONDA Non-commissioned Officer School is being formed here. From 2020, a new training model for military specialists will be introduced on the basis of CSŁiI. The facility's training activities will be expanded to include cyber defense operations.

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