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Diving scooters for Formoza

On 19 November Poland's Formoza (JWF) naval special unit signed a contract with Tomasz Wróblewski Silent Technical company. The deal worth PLN5 million includes the delivery of eight Rotinor Black Shadow 730 diving scooters (SBS 730).

Poland's Formoza naval special unit purchased Rotinor Black Shadow 730 (SBS 730) diving scooters. Additional 10 scooters for scuba divers are planned to purchase by the end of 2019 / Photo: Rotinor

The tender was announced on May 13. Deliveries are to be completed by 15 December 2019.The evaluation criterion was 80% price and 20% guarantee time.

On 13 November 13 Formoza published a request for information for the supply of Suex XJS diving scooters. The naval unit is to buy three underwater vehicles with an option for the fourth. The scooters are to be new, covered by a 24-month warranty, a 10-year post-warranty service and a 10-year guarantee of spare parts supply. The contract is to be completed by 16 December 2019.

On 21 November JWF placed another request for information for the delivery six diving scooters. The guaranteed order is to cover three devices, another three can be bought as an option. Deliveries are to be made by 19 December 2019.

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