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High mobility vehicles for Poland

Delivery of the 1st batch of 15 light, high mobility vehicles took place today, 15th January, at the premises of the 16th airborne battalion in Krakow, a subunit of the 6th Airborne Brigade. The event was presided by the Minister of Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak. ‘I’m very happy that the soldiers of the 6th Airborne Brigade will enhance their operational capabilities. It’s essential for the Polish Armed Forces to operate modern equipment’, said Blaszczak.

Deliveries of light, high mobility vehicles and trailers for Polish Army's airborne and air cavalry brigades should conclude in 2022 / Picture: Polish MoD

New high mobility vehicles were delivered under a contract signed in 2018 between the MoD and a consortium of the following companies: Kafar Bartlomiej Sztukiert, Hibneryt, Auto Podlasie and Auto Special Modlniczka. The agreement calls for delivery of 55 vehicles and 105 specialized trailers, plus additional 25 vehicles and 55 trailers as an option.

The vehicles, which were delivered today, will be operated by the 6th Airborne Brigade. However, future delivers will also include equipment for the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade. New vehicles will be used to transport troops, equipment and wounded personnel as well as to tow light artillery guns. They are designed to be either transported by a helicopter (while hanging on an underbelly mounted hook) or airdropped from C-130 and C295 transport aircraft of the Polish Air Force

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