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Czech Republic will launch own satellites

The plan to launch a series of its own satellites into space is another step on Czech governments and the Ministry of Defence’ (MoD) strategy to enhance country’s security by gaining new capabilities to gather, analyse and use imagery and telemetry data.

The Czech Republic intends to launch a series of own satellites into space, which will enhance the country’s ability to gather and analyse intelligence and military-related data / Image: Czech MoD

According to the Czech MoD ‘there is an intention that the Czech Republic could have its own national satellite technology’. Furthermore, the department outlines a number of programmes, which finalization would lead the country to reaching its desired capability of gathering data through high technology solutions based in Space.

Among the programmes, which the Czech MoD perceives as the most important for years to come, are:  GOLEM (Globální Orbitální eLEktrooptický systéM, eng. Global Orbital Electro-Optical System), which could be implemented by 2024, STRATOM (Stratosférický Obrazový Systém, eng. stratospheric image system), which would provide the country with exploratory image information within the area of interest of the Czech Republic, and MODES, a modular expert system using machine learning, designed to automatically detect, extract and identify objects of interest (e.g. military technology) from satellite imagery.

Imagery and telemetry data gathered through the use of satellite systems would be held and analysed in the country’s Satellite Center (SATCEN CR), which starting from 1st January, reached a full operational capability status (Czech SATCEN fully operational, 2020-01-18). Its goal is to provide the country’s military and civilian security institutions with specific, detailed and accurate information about the location of interesting objects and areas. The Centre will be acquiring and analysing electro-optical and radar imaging data of a very high resolution space survey in near real time for the needs of the Czech Republic as well as allied nations and multinational institutions, such as NATO.

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