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New military trucks for Lithuania

On 20th January the Defense Resources Agency, acting on behalf of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense (MoD) signed an agreement with UAB Silberauto, an authorized dealer and representative of the German manufacturer Daimler AG in Lithuania, for the acquisition of a series of  AROCS special purpose truck platforms and containers. Four companies participated in the open tender, which lead to the signing of the contract.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces will procure a series of new tactical trucks / Picture: Lithuanian MoD

In general, the Lithuanian Armed Forces will procure 25 tactical military trucks over the period of 4 years. The total value of the contract is about $10 million. The price covers not only the acquisition of military trucks with hydraulic loading system, cargo loading-transport platform and container loading system, but also logistic package with special tool kits, software diagnostic kits, etc.  

The new trucks, capable of carrying up to 16 tonnes of cargo, will be used to transport country’s PzH 2000 155mm self-propelled howitzers, containers, vehicles, equipment and other types of military supplies. They will be assigned to the Lithuanian Armed Forces Land Forces and other units. The first batch of new utility vehicles should be delivered within 12 months. 

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